Student Testimonials

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  • Abu Taiyab Sajjad

    I, Abu Taiyab Sajjad am going to pursue my Masters in International relations from Kodolányi János University, Budapest, Hungary I am very much thankful to the whole team of The Europe Bangla Consultants (Pvt). Ltd and especially to Samia Ma'am who guided me very well in all the matters. I will always remember her for the co-ordination given by her & will definitely recommend The Europe Bangla Consultants (Pvt). Ltd name to all my friends who want to go abroad for higher studies. Also, I am very much thankful to MR. Roney Chowdhury Sir and the VISA team who did a great job to get me my VISA on the very same day of applying. Otherwise, I would not have been able to join for the Orientation event. I WISH THE Europe Bangla Consultants (Pvt). Ltd ALL THE BEST.

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