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We started our journey with a dream to work for the people and to make their lives convenient, which inspired the foundation of Europe Bangla Group of Companies, well-known for serving best for its valued customers. Europe Bangla Group has been in the business for quite a long time and its products and services are extended over a broad domain. Europe Bangla Group has a bold footprint in fashion and textile, agriculture & fertilizer sector, Hospital & University sector, Hotel & Resort construction and consultancy services. The Group achieved customer’s satisfaction with its innovative products, solutions and quality services and already established its strong presence in different business categories. While establishing different subsidies, the Vision was clear and it is “to create new value, incite and satisfy the customers through the best diversified Products Solutions and Services”, the Mission of the company is stated as “to satisfy customers and stakeholders through innovative solutions and services by being customer focused, market oriented and process-centered organization.” In every part of service or product, Europe Bangla Group strictly follows International Standards on Quality Management System to achieve customer reliability.

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Incorporated in 2010, Europe Bangla was originally founded as a trading company in Dhaka as its first venture of business which eventually led the company turn in to manufacturing of textile industry in 2005 with a vision of contributing the founder’s true leadership for the well being towards the country's economy. Head quartered In Bangladesh. The group owns 19 textile subsidies and a workforce consisting of more than 40,000 employees .

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