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About US

Europe Bangla Export Import Ltd is a company that deals with importing and exporting various products from different regions of the world. The company is a part of the Europe Bangla Group, which is a diversified business conglomerate with interests in hospitality, education, health, and technology. The company aims to provide quality service and customer satisfaction by delivering selected regions' top brands goods from USA, China, UK, and other countries. The company also exports Bangladeshi products to the global market, such as garments, leather, jute, and handicrafts. The company has a strong network of partners and suppliers, and strives to maintain high standards of quality and ethics in its operations.

Our Mission

To connect Bangladesh with the world by importing and exporting quality products, satisfying customer needs, and creating value for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in the import-export industry, offering diverse and competitive products, enhancing trade relations, and contributing to social and economic development.

Our Goal

To increase revenue and market share by expanding to new markets, diversifying product portfolio, and enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Export Import Services

Europe Bangla Export Import Ltd is typically engaged in international trade and commerce, facilitating the import and export of various goods and products. They offer services related to sourcing, shipping, customs clearance, and trade documentation to facilitate global trade for businesses and individuals.

Import and Export Assistance

Europe Bangla Export Import Ltd helps businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of international trade. They provide guidance on importing goods from foreign countries and exporting products to global markets, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and trade laws.

Sourcing and Procurement

The company assists clients in sourcing and procuring products from global suppliers. They help identify reliable suppliers, negotiate favorable terms, and manage the procurement process, ensuring the timely delivery of quality goods.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Europe Bangla Export Import Ltd offers logistics and supply chain management services, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. They help optimize the movement of goods, reduce costs, and ensure efficient supply chain operations for their clients.